Milo is a responsive WordPress portfolio theme based on minimalist design principles that make your content the focal point of every page.

This page demonstrates Milo’s Full Width Page Template (no page sidebar widgets are present), 1/3 and 2/3 page columns, block quotation and horizontal line rules. The TinyMCE Advanced plugin has also been installed to offer item specific font size control. Learn more about Milo below.

Style Control

Site Background – Editable site background color or texture.

Text Color – Choose colors for menu, headings, body text, and image captions.

Headings – Control size and color of page headings and blog post headings.

Typography – Specify typefaces, font sizes and line heights.

Link Color – Designate site wide hyperlink color and link hover color.

Sub Menu Color – Choose sub menu page and portfolio text color.

Social Icon Color – Choose social media icon color (displayed in footer).

Image Caption Color – Choose image title/caption color.

General Options

Logo – Upload site logo, dedicated HD logo and browser favicon.

Custom CSS – Input custom CSS (advanced) to overwrite default styles.

Slideshow Controls – Enable home page and/or portfolio auto-play.

Meta Data – Enable post author, date, category and comment count.

Google Fonts – Choose from 600+ integrated Google Fonts.

Footer – Editable copyright notice and footer background color.

TypeKit – Integrated TypeKit for advanced users (account required).

Icon Fonts – Activate up to 11 HD icon fonts in site footer.


Page Templates – Default, Full Width and Portfolio template.

Blog – Built-in blogging functionality with posts, categories and tags.

Nested Pages – Parent > child >grandchild menu structure.

Page Columns – Mix and match from 6 different column short codes.

Sidebar Widgets – Display sidebar content (e.g., Like button, etc).

Responsive Design – Consistent display regardless of device width.


Image Scaling – Auto-scale image width and height to fit within any screen size.

Thumbnail Grid – Preview entire gallery with thumbnail on/off toggle.

Titles/Captions – Assign image title/caption to provide further detail.

Slideshow – Set delay (in seconds) between image transitions.

Unlimited Images – Bulk upload images to gallery; drag and drop organization.

Mobile Friendly – Responsive design for iPad, iPhone and Android compatibility.